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"Those who are guided go not astray"
-Thoth the Atlantean

Founded upon the wisdom and inspiration of the Ancient Mystery Schools, Spirit Mysteries is a home for those walking the inner path of the soul, seeking out mystic wisdom, higher truth, and spiritual community.

Community, Family, School.

At the heart of this platform is the connection we have with each other. Authentically connect with others from around the world in the journey of the soul, with the support you need to really go the distance. Members have access to thousands of hours of course material along with ongoing activities and weekly events, which you can attend live or watching recordings after.

Be the Change.

The world is transforming and we are transforming with it. We get to choose what we do with the time and space that is given to us. Spirit Mysteries is a place for us to connect over a shared resonance love and learning.

This is a space to support you in finally doing that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Overcome your limitations and struggles with the support of a community and expert-quality mystic teachings, and do it in a way that shows the world the power and magic of Spirit. 

The Mystery School Experience

The Initiate Membership gives you access to the best of Spirit Mysteries.

Get full access to ALL courses, and most member events!

Save big on your spiritual education and live life to the fullest, free of limited mainstream thinking, and see what's waiting for you down the rabbit hole.

Access The Complete Course Library:

  • Activate Your Lightbody
  • The Seven-Day Transformation
  • The 12D Shield Experience
  • The Hermetica
  • History of Magick
  • Tarot Life Mastery
  • Spirit Wealth Builders
  • The Seven-Day Money Mindset Challenge
  • The Evolution of Humanity
  • Patch Tarot Masters
  • The Meditation Library
  • The Temple of Flow
  • And more as courses are continuously produced and shared!

 With your Initiate Membership, you receive ongoing invitations to new events as they happen live!


Download the App!

Spirit Mysteries can be found on both the App Store as well as Google Play, and works on mobile and tablet devices.

With the Spirit Mysteries App you can take the mystery school everywhere you go, access the community and all of your courses anytime you like.

Ongoing Event - August 1-5th

The Breathwork Challenge!

A 5-Day Sprint of Breathwork - Supercharge Your Energy

Free Membership Trial Available + Lions Gate Meditation on August 8th

May only Truth, Love, and Authenticity be found in this sacred temple. 


Om, shanti, shanti, shanti

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