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We offer live ongoing courses, weekly events like breathwork and meditation, as well as thriving community meet-ups, all designed to support you in your personal journey of the soul. 

Each day, members from around the world learn and share in the mysteries of life, and thus create a better world for us all.

Weekly Schedule

The Mystery School Experience

The Initiate Membership gives you access to the best of Spirit Mysteries.

Save big on your spiritual education and step into a higher vibration and live life to the fullest, free of the social dogma of the limited mainstream thinking. Within each course there are countless hours of material for you to explore from the Mystic Arts to Plant Medicine.

Access The Complete Course Library:

  • Activate Your Lightbody
  • The Seven-Day Transformation
  • The 12D Shield Experience
  • The Hermetica
  • History of Magick
  • Tarot Life Mastery
  • Spirit Wealth Builders
  • The Seven-Day Money Mindset Challenge
  • The Evolution of Humanity
  • Patch Tarot Masters
  • The Meditation Library
  • The Temple of Flow

And More! With your Initiate Membership, you will also receive ongoing invitation to new events as they happen live, including courses, breathwork, meditation, and more!


As a member of Spirit Mysteries, connect with thousands of other spiritual seekers on a sacred journey, just like you. 

  • Have the accountability of a group to keep you on track with your spiritual ascent.

  • Synchronize your transformation with the collective mind of everyone, rising in love.

  • Utilize powerful meditations for lasting transformation and mastery over your own personal energy.

  • Discover supportive material to help you connect with your higher and lower self.

  • Receive opportunities to receive one-on-one counselling and small group coaching from the core team.

The Origin of Spirit Mysteries

Many years ago, Jordan River, the Creator of Spirit Science, had a mystical encounter with Thoth, the Ancient Egyptian god of Wisdom.

In a transcendent vision, he found himself looking up at a great statue of his bird-like appearance, and asked to receive from Thoth's wisdom.

Down came a river, crashing over Jordan and carrying him to a large pond, where he found himself looking at the very large tablet that Thoth had been carving.

It said only three things...




From this moment, Jordan was forever changed. These words impressed upon his heart to such a degree that they became one with his heart - and from that moment he began a journey of living by these laws above all else.

Today, these are the core vibrations and intentions that are built into the structure and fabric of Spirit Mysteries... But there are three more important pieces that must be understood.

By following these codes, and living a life of Truth, Love, and Authenticity, to create Peace, Wisdom, and Harmony in our lives and in the lives of those around us... we become true instruments of the divine hand, and forever change the world by creating Heaven on Earth.

Welcome, it's an honor to share space with you.

Download the App!

Spirit Mysteries can be found on both the App Store as well as Google Play, and works on mobile and tablet devices.

With the Spirit Mysteries App you can take the mystery school everywhere you go, access the community and all of your courses anytime you like.

In Spirit Mysteries, you'll learn...
  • Just how amazing you truly are!
  • How to overcome anxiety and panic through clarity of mind and the wisdom of the heart. 
  • How to balance your emotions and stay centered no matter what is happening.

  • How to find peace within

  • To stay motivated by the continued energetic support of your spirit family

  • How to see potential instead of problems, and transmute darkness into light.

  • How to become a being of pure light!

May no profane enter here. 
May this space last forever as a beacon of purity and goodness. 

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