Spirit Mysteries is becoming Spiritverse

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Please watch this video to discover how Spirit Mysteries is changing:


On December 8th, Spirit Mysteries will transform and transcend its old self. 

Until then, please enjoy Spirit Mysteries in its final days in this current form.

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If you're new to the platform, please watch this video first, and then use the plan options below to sign up, and we'll see you on the inside!


Evolve your consciousness with Spirit Mysteries, a platform for Self-realization and personal transformation, from the mind and heart that brought you Spirit Science.

Founded based on the principles of the ancient Mystery Schools, this modern community and school is a platform for you to learn to be free.

With courses, teachings, and spiritual practices for every aspect of life, Spirit Mysteries will serve and support you in your spiritual journey, helping you find yourself and discover the ancient wisdom teachings and practices that have been lost or hidden from mainstream society for thousands of years.

Whether you're looking to increase your knowledge of the mystic arts, master the Tarot, heal your body, or increase your wealth, Spirit Mysteries has everything you need to overcome the present-moment limitations you find in your field, and step into a higher consciousness.

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